Breast Lift with Implants

One way to lift the breasts is by using breast implants. A breast implant will lift your breast about 1 to 2 cm depending on the size of the implant. So, patients with mild breast sagginess and standard breast augmentation will lift their breasts without the need to do a breast lift. This is one of the most overused techniques in breast surgery. If your breast is extremely saggy, attempting a breast lift with implants will result in a large but droopy breast. I can guarantee that you will not be happy with the results.

A breast lift with an implant is indicated in those patients that want to have bigger breasts and at the same time fuller breasts. Now, we have to choose the breast implant that is appropriate for your current breasts because any implant that is too big will sag early after surgery. Nevertheless, this procedure will achieve the desired results. When a breast implant is placed in the breast pocket, your breasts will be lifted approximately one or 2 cm.; then, the excessive skin is removed, thus finalizing a complete lift of the breast.

If the lift is minor, then, the scar can be located just around the areola. If the sagginess is more significant, then, you will have a vertical scar and, in some situations, a limited lateral horizontal scar. In addition, it is very important to suspend the implant to avoid an unnatural settling of the implant creating a long and elongated breast with a bottom out look.

The more sagginess you have, the more challenging the surgery would be. Many factors will be determined before your surgery in order to provide you with the best surgical results.

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