Extended tummy tuck

  Patients who have lost a significant amount of weight will require an extended tummy tuck. An extended tummy tuck mainly describes a tummy tuck that requires an incision that goes way beyond the flanks. Patients who have an excessive amount of skin typically will also have excessive skin on the lower back and flanks. If these areas are not removed, the tissue will bunch in the sides and you will have the typical dog-ears.

  All the aspects of a full tummy tuck are done including the excision of the fat, repair of the abdominal wall muscle and the belly button reconstruction. Some surgeons call this procedure a belt lipectomy.

  During this procedure, we will need to start the case while you lay on your chest to perform the excision of the back soft tissue. Subsequently, we need to flip you over and perform a tummy tuck and lipo on your abdomen. The results are going to be impressive and you will be very satisfied.

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