The Wise Pattern Breast Reduction Technique

The wise pattern breast reduction technique is the most commonly performed breast reduction technique in the USA. This technique is very reliable and useful to safely reduce the breasts. With this technique, most commonly the nipple areola complex is transferred using the breast tissue that is in the lowest portion of the breasts. You can anticipate a scar around the areola vertically down and also horizontally. In other words, it is the famous inverted T pattern. You can reduce the breasts to accomplish a variety of shapes and sizes. As a matter of fact, you can successfully reduce breasts that have sagginess up to 25 to 30 cm of ptosis. This technique is very reliable, but it has its shortcomings. I rarely use this technique for various reasons. The breast tissue tends to relax early after surgery because this technique relies on the breast skin envelope to maintain the shape and long-term fullness of the breasts. The problem with relying on the skin is that the skin already has been damaged by the previous weight of the breasts and also the elasticity has been compromised. This means that the skin will slowly stretch with time allowing the fullness of the breasts to diminish and thus creating a flat breast on top with the bottom out of the breast tissue. The breasts often have a “boxy” look months after the surgery. In addition, the horizontal scar of the inverted T pattern many times extends to the midline, which can reduce the ability to wear clothes that show some cleavage.

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