The Wonder Breast Reduction Technique

The wonder breast reduction technique is the most logical solution to reduce the breasts while at the same time it provides aesthetically beautiful breasts. I approach the breast reduction procedure very differently. The enlarged breasts need to be managed like a breast reconstruction. If you look at an enlarged breast, you will notice that many times the skin has been stretched due to the weight of the breasts. The nipples are unnaturally low. There is lost of upper pole fullness and subsequent saggy tissue in the inferior aspect of the breasts. The whole breast internal structures and ligaments that support the breasts have been affected allowing the tissue to descend and most of the breast tissue tends to lie on the lowest part of the breasts. For these particular reasons, the breasts need to be supported from the inside and the ligaments must be reconstructed again to provide long-term results and maintain the upper pole fullness while at the same time prevent excessive soft tissue relaxation.

With this technique, I also take into consideration the elasticity of the skin to better reshape the breasts and match the amount of breast tissue resections with an exact skin envelope. The reshaping of the breasts as well as the suspension rely on the pectoralis major muscle. This muscle is used to suspend the breasts in various forms, thus allowing the reshaping to counteract the forces of soft tissue relaxation and providing long lasting results.

Another unique aspect of this technique is that it limits the scar by avoiding the horizontal scar that runs toward the midline. The resulting scar is a vertical one with a short horizontal limb to the side.

The most impressive aspect of this technique is that it provides support of the soft tissue at the top and the look of an actual breast implant without an implant.

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