Who is not a good candidate for breast reduction?

Breast reduction surgery is performed to reduce the volume of the breasts by removing the excess of skin, fat and glandular tissue. At the same time, the plastic surgeon will also elevate the breasts to a more natural position on the chest and reduce enlarged areolas, giving the breasts a natural, enhanced aspect.

Breast reduction surgery targets women with heavy, saggy, overly large breasts. Many times, women with overly large breasts will be confronted with chronic back, neck and shoulder pain, as well as chronic irritation of the skin under the breasts caused by permanent perspiration.

Eligible candidates for breast reduction surgery suffer from the following conditions:

– Breasts that are too large compared to the dimensions of the thorax or the body in general

– Breasts that are saggy and heavy

– Areolas of the breasts are low and facing down

– One of the breasts is much bigger than the other (one bra cup size or more)

– Posture of the patient has suffered modifications due to overly large breasts

– Patient experiences respiratory problems caused by the weight of the breasts on the chest

– Pain on the back, neck and shoulders

– Chronic skin irritations on the inframammary fold

– Difficulties in performing physical exercise due to the discomfort caused by big breasts

– Physical discomfort caused by overly large breasts

– Tendency to avoid social gatherings or engage with other people due to shyness and discomfort of having overly large breasts

– Difficulties in finding good support bras and suitable clothing

There are cases when the breasts have a volume too large compared with the rest of the body, but the patient is not confronted with any of the above conditions. In other words, the skin has maintained the tonus and elasticity, and there are no underlying health or emotional conditions bothering the patient. If this is the case, the patient is not a good candidate for breast reduction surgery.

Other candidates that are not eligible to undergo breast reduction surgery are women who haven’t completed the development of the mammary gland, women who desire to get pregnant again shortly after the procedure, women who want to breastfeed, or women confronted with underlying health conditions that are contraindications for breast reduction.

It is important to choose a talented, board-certified plastic surgeon and discuss the details before the intervention is scheduled. Knowing what to expect and what are the long term consequences is an important part of assessing your eligibility.

Also, keep in mind that the procedure will leave behind permanent scarring and is associated with certain potential risks and complications. The patient needs to know, understand and accept these to be a good candidate for breast reduction surgery.


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